Cinderella after midnight

Man, I don’t know why, but I have to tell you:

- I vomit, I shit, I cry, I bleed, I am hairy down there and everywhere, I burp, I complain a lot, I say 'no' wanting to say 'yes', and I don’t know why, I say 'yes' and in 5 seconds I change my mind. Don't believe in my words, in my daily smell, in my posture walking on the streets, don’t believe in what I tell (not even this), not because I am a liar, or I am fooling you, but because my feelings and wishes change and I don’t know which woman I gonna be in the second part of the day.

Man, I am a flower that fades, a warrior without weapon, a Cinderella after midnight. And all you can do is admire and watch me fly.